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Incorrect display of DNG’s and X3F files from Sigma SD Quattro camera

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Hi all,

I’ve Recently purchased iPad version of both Affinty Photo and Designer. One thing and probably one of very few things that bother me and preventing me from switching completely from Adobe is that all Affinity software display DNG and X3F file incorrectly (all software up to date). The DNG filed would open as blank black on iPad, low resolution on Mac and X3F (from Sigma SD Quattro camera) would have weird noise blotches and the whole photo would be over exposed, to an unusable degree. Here is a screenshot for one of the examples.

Please let me know if anyone has the same issues, or is it just limited to DNG from a specific camera brand. Hope Serif would release a patch/update for this in the future.




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Hi Duong,

Thanks for the files. Unfortunately the iPad only uses the built it Apple (Core Image) Raw engine, which doesn't support the Sigma SD Quattro when looking at the link on Apple's website. The DNG does open on the Mac app and the resolution (3615 x 5448px) looks to be correct. I can't see what the X3F does however without a copy of that.

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