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I have a problem with Affinity Designer and Photo on Mac. I have difficulty starting a macro in AP. I have the library list open, but clicking does not do anything. Only when I right-click to bring up the options, then click on the button does it do something. I am using a Wacom Intuos 5.

I have a simular problem with the assets panel in designer. I have some bigger assets installed, like paper backgrounds, but most of the time can not properly drag them to the canvas. smaller items drag with no problems. It seems to not properly select the bigger ones, or they are unresponsive. I have to keep the assets clicked for a longer time for it to pick up and be able to drag it.

Both of these problems occur with the mouse as well.

I would like to have an option to click a button to add to canvas instead of dragging, and a simple play button for macros too. It seems to be better UI too, more understandable at least.

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I am sorry, but I have to revise:


Assets do seem to work on drag, but they take longer to appear, hence seem unresponsive when selecting. Perhaps making it more clear that I have in fact selected an asset would be good.

The thing with the Macros in AP: I don't know why, but using the mouse it seems to be able to click them, but not using the wacom. I use both clicking by tapping on the canvas with the pen, and by clicking a button on the stylus set to left-click. It seems to be a bug?

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