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Hank McCoy

Designer for iPad - Transform > Alignment Options > Distribute options are unresponsive

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I am not sure if this is a bug, or if there is a setting that I’m missing, or making a mistake somewhere.

I have 3 simple objects (3 rectangles) which I am able to align via the Transform > Alignment Options > Alignment choices, however I can’t seem to distribute them via the same window Transform > Alignment Options > Distribute since my distribute options are unresponsive to selection or taps. Please help! Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Hank McCoy :)

The distribution options are only available when using the Spacing alignment option (furthest to the right of the four choices), as the other options are locked to auto-distribute.

Change to Horizontal or Vertical Spacing and you'll see the Alignment options are no longer greyed out!

This is the same behaviour across iPad and Desktop, for the info of other users.

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