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How to add Roboto TTFs to Affinity Designer for Windows 10

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When I purchased Infinity Designer for Windows I also received a download Grade UI.

The instructions recommended going to Google and obtain some TTFs.

I obtained Roboto and Roboto-Condensed but the instructions don't say how to get them to work in Designer.

I opened the Grade UI - Example Homepages page which has a pop-up in Designer saying that I don't have the fonts installed.

How do I install these fonts to enable them to display in Affinity Designer for Windows.


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Hi Mike,

Like any other font, they need to be installed into Windows, so other apps can access them. In Windows if you right click one of the downloaded font files you should have Install available on the menu. Click this and it will be automatically installed for you, repeat the process for any other font files. 

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It's worth noting that Designer doesn't require you to restart it when you install new fonts.
If you install a font when Designer is already open, Designer will automatically add the font to its list of available fonts without you having to do anything else.
Not all applications work like this; just another little detail that makes the Affinity software so special.

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