Thanks @αℓƒяє∂ I am grateful it's possible.  You got me started on a list too.  Here it is: 1 UI overview Explore the Affinity Designer for iPad user interface. 2 Gestures Learn the gestures you need to use Affinity Designer for iPad. 3 New and save Start a new document and save it to local or cloud storage. 4 Open and import Open from cloud storage and import from cloud storage/Apple Photos. 5 Placing images Introduce an image into your vector design. 6 Pan, zoom and rotate canvas Navigate around your document and rotate the canvas. 7 Selecting Edit one or more objects by object selection. 8 Moving, resizing and rotating Transform objects on the page or via Transform Studio. 9 Grouping Collect together related areas of your design by grouping. 10 Ordering Learn how to change the Z-order of objects, i.e. how objects are placed in front of (or behind) each other. 11 Layers Studio Manages all your objects by storing in layers and groups. 12 Align and distribute Multiple objects can be perfectly aligned with each other, as well as distributed (spread) evenly. 13 Copy, paste and power duplicate Essential clipboard operations while editing. 14 Undo, redo and history Use simple gestures and history scrubbing to step back/forward through your edits. 15 Quick export Output your current selection or entire design to a recognised graphic format. 16 Artboards Create a new artboard from scratch or add extra artboards. 17 Symbols As intelligent linked objects, symbols allow global editing across your design. 18 Assets Studio Take advantage of pre-designed UI elements stored within this Studio. You can also store your own custom assets here. 19 Snapping Use snapping for positional accuracy when positioning an object to another object, guide, grid line or spread. 20 Constraints Selectively control object scaling and anchoring across differently sized artboards. 21 View modes for pixel preview Preview your design in different pixel modes or skeletal outline with split-screen comparison. 22 Pen Tool Draw Bézier curves and closed shapes using the Pen Tool - an essential tool for most designs. 23 Node Tool Edit previously drawn curves, vector strokes and shapes. 24 Advanced curve drawing Create and edit Bézier curves and lines using gestures. 25 Editing strokes Control the line width, style and line pressure. 26 Pencil Tool Draw freehand pencil strokes with optional smoothing and editing (sculpting) of existing strokes. 27 Shape tools Create geometric shapes and morph them into any shape variant you want. 28 Corner Tool The tool rounds any sharp corners on curves and shapes. 29 Boolean operations Join objects together using Add, Subtract, Intersect, Divide and Combine operations. 30 Colour Picker Tool Sample colour from anywhere on your screen for object fill, stroke or brush colour. 31 Fill Tool Create colour gradients across objects, including linear, radial, elliptical, and more. 32 Advanced colour Change the stroke and fill colour of your object, with the option to store colours in palettes. 33 Gradients Draw colour and transparency gradients separately or as part of the same gradient. 34 Transparency Tool Create transparency gradients across objects, including linear, radial, elliptical, and more. 35 Vector Brush Tool Paint using vector brushes (hard-edged, textured intensity or textured image brushes). 36 Managing vector brushes Modify your brush settings and manage your brushes in the Brushes Studio. 37 Pixel Tool The tool paints a hard-edged brush stroke without anti-aliasing. 38 Paint Brush Tool Paint using raster brushes (soft, hard, textured, or image). 39 Advanced brush options Modify your brush settings using the context toolbar. 40 Managing raster brushes Import, export and manage your brushes in Brushes Studio. 41 Smudge tools Blend images and brush strokes. 42 Erase Brush Tool Remove areas of your design directly under an erase brush stroke. 43 Flood Fill Tool Flood image, pixel selection or object with a chosen colour. 44 Flood selections Create pixel selections using colour. 45 Drawn selections Create pixel selections using freehand, polygonal or magnetic modes, or use shape marquee tools for geometric pixel selections. 46 Selection modification tools Feather, grow/shrink, smooth and outline existing pixel selections. 47 Smart Selection Brush Tool Take a brush-based approach to make pixel selections. 48 Refine Selection Tool Use refinement to separate a subject from its background image accurately. 49 Slice Tool The tool creates drawn export areas to be exported as individual files. 50 Export Persona - Slices Studio The Studio exports chosen slices as files to a preferred file format. 51 Export Persona - Layers Studio Use the Studio to identify pages, artboards, layers, groups and objects for export as slices. 52 Frame Text Tool Add reflowing frame text to your design. 53 Art Text Tool Add scalable decorative text to your design. 54 Advanced typography Edit your artistic and frame text's character and paragraph properties. 55 Text on a path Artistic text can follow a line, curve or outline of a shape. 56 Importing fonts Import and manage your fonts. 57 Applying adjustments Apply non-destructive adjustments to layers and control them in your layer stack. 58 Masking adjustments Use raster brushes to erase adjustments and use vector tools to create clipping masks. 59 Layer effects Apply non-destructive layer effects and control them in your layer stack. 60 Advanced layer effects Adjust opacities, scale effects with objects and copy and paste effects to other layers. 61 Blend modes Blend your layers with complete control using blend modes. 62 Styles Create and save your own styles for consistent effects.