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I wasn't able to find an answer, so I have to ask for help with Affinity Designer.



1) I have a new document for Web, with color format RGB/8 and color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1.


2) I create rectangle and in Color (or Swatch) pane I choose this color: RGB(73,130,23).


3) When I use Apple Digital Color Meter (showing native values) and point on color "in document window", it says RGB(73,130,23).


4) But when I point Digital Meter on any toolbar element with this color (Swatch, preview, recent colors), it says RGB(66,130,45).


5) And what's worse - when I export to PNG, DCM still says RGB(66,130,45). And as far as I tested, any other software identify this color as RGB(66,130,45).


What am I doing wrong ?


Thanks for any suggestion.



I have just tried AD Beta and this is fixed !

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