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Hello everyone,

Going to keep it short since I can go on forever about the newly released iPad Designer which I absolutely love!

I would like to request a feature for the range of Affinity products which is an addition to the HSL adjustment which is the Range sliders for each hue "channel" (ie: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta; the slider found at the bottom of the attached image which you can isolate and slide the hue range by degrees).

I would like to offer the suggestion alongside the idea of actually being able to input the values of degree with keystrokes as well as the sliders themselves. They sliders in photoshop can be a total pain and never understood why they couldn't add something so seemingly easy.

Lastly, being able to isolate to a 12 color hue range would be amazing as well! (Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow/Green, Green, Green/Cyan, Cyan, Cyan/Blue, Blue, Blue/Magenta, Magenta, Magenta/Red)

All the best and keep up the amazing work team!



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