Just pre-ordered the affinity publisher. (I'm using scribus atm.) I am a proud owner of all your products. Right now I use a VM with VFIO (I share GPU, mouse, keyboard, wacom tablet to a windows vm) to use those products.
It's far from ideal, but I am willing to support Serif, because you are actually building amazing products that are very nice to use ! This post is simply to share my support on something happening someday on the linux support front. Whatever it is. Hope all the posts and repeated questions don't get too much on your nerves. I'm a Software Engineer also, and I know how "Support" can be a hard thing to do properly.
Concerning your choice of technologies, some are questionable, but I'm sure your CTO knows what he is doing. You are invested in .NET, try having a look at .NET core 3 it also supports WPF and other things that can be installed on all platforms and architectures.

@Redsandro Thanks for the recap post, it saved me a lot of reading. Additional note, I'm a happy user of Davinci Resolve on Linux, and because of their entreprise support on Linux, I'm now moving my equipment and capture cards to theirs instead.
My company is by no means large enough to sponsor such a development on your side. But happy to help if you want more info.

Best regards,