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Jayden Brand

Curves Creating Glitched Images

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Hey there :)

Whenever I try to use curves in Develop Persona, the images I work on get these glitches and I can't see what the image is going to look like.


Let me take you through my process, maybe I am doing something wrong...


I open a RAW file into Affinity Photo (Taken on Canon 700d)

I do basic edits under 'basic,' such as contrast, saturation, shadows and highlight (etc.)

I then move over into 'lens,' and load a basic preset that I have created in there.

I then move over to 'details,' and load another preset, and adjust where necessary.

Then, depending on what I want to achieve with the image, I move over into 'tones,' and mostly convert to black and white.


But whenever I try to use curves, the same thing always happens (Check the images below, but specifically the shadows in the second image)

(Please note photograph is for explanatory purposes and is not the most striking image)


Thanks peoples :)


Example 1.png

Example 2.png

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Hi Jayden Brand,

Would you be able to record a video showing the process from opening the file through to getting the issue please? I've just had a quick try myself with an EOS 700d image and couldn't reproduce. Seeing all the settings you're applying will help to see where something might be going wrong!


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Thanks for the file! Unfortunately I'm still struggling to reproduce this! Would you be able to try a few more things for me please?

After getting the problem, could you try disabling each checkbox (except for Curves) and find out which one makes it go away? Once you've done that could you set all the Presets to 'Default' close and reopen the file and then follow your steps in the video, but instead of selecting the presets just applying the values that are seen in your video. This is what I've done to try and reproduce it, as obviously I don't have your presets, but cannot reproduce it.

Lastly could you post screenshots of your Develop Assistants dialog and also your Preferences > Performance dialog as well please? Also what is your machine specs?


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Hey Sean

So I have done some tests, and I have found out some pretty interesting things. (Sorry that its taken a while, I’ve been pretty busy)

I’ve done multiple tests, and I found out that ‘Detail Refinement’ under ‘Details’ is the culprit.

I’ve tried multiple settings, color and black & white.

I’ve taken all my presets off and adjusted the image manually, and everything seems to be fine except when I turn on ‘Detail Refinement.’


I’ll attach a video below so that you can see it, and it seems to be distorting the image whenever a color becomes completely underexposed (completely black).

But then I tested the highlights, and a similar result was produced, but not as exaggerated.



So, what I have discovered is that ‘Detail Refinement’ and ‘Curves’ are clashing.


My specs are:

MacBook Air (11 inch, Early 2014)

Processor: 1,4 GHz Intel Core i5

Memory: 4GB 1600 Mhz DDR3

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536MB

Do you need my serial number?


Affinity Photo is updated to the latest software release, version 1.6.7


Is there anything else that you need?


Thanks Sean

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Thanks for the screenshots - I've reproduced it here (finally!) and the key components were Contrast, Curves, Detail Refinement and ALSO having Raw output format set to RGB (32 bit). Setting this to RGB (16 bit) makes the problem go away.

I'll get this passed on to development!

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