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I like the way you have combined the "D" and the "power icon" but I'm not sure that everyone would be able to understand what you've done without it being explained - I didn't get it at first.
If it's important that people understand the concept then some re-design may be needed but I don't think that's necessary as it's a nice enough logo by itself. (If some people have to wait a while before getting it by themselves - "Oh, I get it now" - then that's not always a bad thing.)

As for the individual logos, I prefer the first one overall.
The second one is a bit too "samey" and the third one looks - to me - like it might be part of something bigger.
The third one looks a bit like it's the first letter in the logo-type for a holiday poster.
The second one looks a bit like a stylised top-down view of the alien from the "Alien" movie reaching out for a very long baguette. :)

Giving the curves on the "D" a different style means that they should still stand out if the logo is converted to a single colour but I'm not sure if the upright and horizontal bars should both be rounded/straight or be different (as you have it).
If I was going to try and take this concept further I would probably concentrate on making more variants of the first one.
Some examples might be:
* Try moving the upright bar further "inside" the curves - does that look better or worse?
* What do different lengths of the horizontal bar do to the design?

As I said above, it's nice enough as it is, but it's worth trying a few more variants just to see what happens.

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