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Making the transition from PS to AP, but running into an issue of tiffs that have a saved channel we use for selection.

We typically mask out parts of our images that need color correction. We make our mask and save the selection to a channel that can later be recalled to be tweaked later.  In this example we have a channel called "wall" in photoshop. Opening this image up in AP gets me an unexpected result. I would expect to see the added channel in AP that I could turn into a selection as we do in photoshop. These images are placed inside a InDesign document saved as a PDF for print. Why am I getting this result and how can I avoid this without reworking thousands of high res Images that I have already have saved selection channels saved into them? If my final image has to in tiff format, I want to avoid the tiff hack of saving layers or native app formats. Is AP mishandling the channels coming from photoshop?

I can however, take an image and make a selection in AP save the selection as a spare channel, save it as a tiff and reopen it in AP without any issue. Coming from photoshop, it seem not to work the same.

Here is what I am seeing:    294789215_APScreenshot.png.16e077b5201e4363c9796ac510f403c2.png    I expect to see this:   136206412_ScreenShot2018-07-20at1_44_08PM.png.8d46f55b652adce6f08e6c366caaa1af.png


Attached in the Tiff file that contains the "wall" channel.


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Thank you for your help.

Not sure why AP does not read the Photoshop channel as a spare channel so i don't have to add one on the AP side. Seems to me that is something that could be fixed.

At least I know how to fix it...  Thanks.



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AP is only seeing one of the mask channels. If I have multiple masking channels in is only seeing the first one and discarding any additional channels.

I think this is a AP bug that need to be addressed when opening files with more than one additional channel. Can anyone confirm this or am I doing something wrong?


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