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Hi! Thank you very much for that grat app!! The dreams comes true!

 I know that it just has been presented and there is a lot os improvment stuff that other users are suggesting, so I also have some issues that could improve my (and, not only my, I hope)  workflow!

So there is 3 issues:

1: KEYBOARD SUPPORT: yeah, I am used to use the keyboard to make my workflow faster, so I am missing the basic combinations as Comand + C / Comand + V, key letters that allows to pass fast to an other tool and also  Comand + D (duplicate) becasue when I work with smart duplicate and I want to repeat a lot of times some geometry it turns into very slow process. (The fisrt picture) Also I am missing the Comand + Z.. Shift + Comand + Z , etc. 


2. BRUSHES IMPORT: I downloaded some brushes designed for desktop version of affinity designer and I wasn’t able to import them into the iPad version. I would like that it turns possible!


3. TRANSFORMATION TOOLS: I would like the the tranformation tools could be more precise! Like be able to set the center of rotation of some object (that it could be any part of canvas) or to be able to increase the size of some object exactly 50% more or 50% less. So I would like that the tranformation tools would be more similar to the Graphic tools (https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/graphic-for-ipad/id363317633?mt=8).  (Second picture) Actualy, Graphic is amazing vector app for iPad and I was using them before the Affinity Designer but the most important advantage of the AD (there is a lot)  is that this app is perffect for free / easy vector drawing and illustration when Graphic is more for technical stuff. 






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Hi @Nastya,

Welcome to the forums. 

2. You can import brushes from the Desktop build. Just make sure you import them in the right persona ( Pixel brushes in Pixel persona, Vector Brushes in Vector Persona). Also, make sure you have the brushes on a cloud ( Dropbox, iCloud, etc) because you cannot currently import brushes that are stored locally on the iPad. 

3. You can modify the anchor point by tapping on the highlighted button. 192530654_File19-07-2018151953.thumb.jpeg.12f7bd8121f61ed82db846ebb22d3cf0.jpeg

You can then move the anchor point and rotate it around that point. 




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Wow! Thank you!
2.  My mistake was that I had the brushes in the local storage, not in the iCloud. Now it has been imported and works perfect!
3. Sorry, did not understand before the function of that icon. Works great!
Thank you!!

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