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Perspective Removal

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In a way this is partly a cross-application request, since to replicate my Photoshop/Illustrator workflow, it requires one feature in Photo and one in Designer.  However, I can live without the Designer feature and do things The Hard Way, while doing things that way is a little harder for Photo.

First, indication of the market - I'm looking to produce decals for the model vehicle market.  This requires me to be able to take photos of existing vehicles, often taken at angles and with perspective, and to take markings or writing from the side of vehicle, and remove the effects of perspective, so I've got nice square and true writing or markings.

At the moment, Affinity Photo does the square bit - I can size the perspective plane to a suitable panel or the vehicle or even to the writing itself, if it's a good enough quality image.  However, when I click "Apply' what I get is certainly square, but it's not true.  It's as though the perspective tool (or filter) applies only a simple transform to get the vertical sides of the perspective plane to be a) vertical and b) the same height.  The "3D" aspect of the perspective is ignored, though, with the result that the end result ends up horizontally compressed.  It can't be *that* difficult to figure out from the angle of the horizontal lines what the "true" width of the perspective box should be, and stretch the end result accordingly.

Given the generally overpowered nature of the mesh transform tools, surely it wouldn't be that difficult to remove the foreshortening that the perspective transform tool current doesn't touch?

The other aspect - and I will only mention it briefly, since it's very much more a Designer thing, would be some sort of Trace facility to apply to the resulting corrected bitmap, to give me a set of paths for the individual shapes that make up the writing that I can then clean up..

Sorry to be so demanding when I haven't actually gone beyond the trial version yet, but the two tools are so close to providing everything I need to let me drop the monthly Creative Cloud subscription completely, and get new tools that I find easier to use for the price of just two month's subscription...

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