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RAW development restricted to sRGB

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RAW development in Photo limits color gamut to sRGB. This is independent from the color settings. On my system color space is set to Adobe RGB. See picture.

The status line during raw development shows "sRGB... (linear)" for a brief moment. See second picture. May be this is the bug in the processing cue.

Color gamut was checked with softproof layer. No other colors than sRGB, i.e. no grey areas. Same raw file with different raw development tool results in wider gamit, i.e. appearing gray areas when checking against sRGB.

The behaviour is in Photo and in the beta version

I use Photo on a Window 10 Notebook. Camera is Sony Alpha6000.



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Hi User42

The colour in the Develop persona is actually handled in an unbounded 32bit floating precision colour space which is based on ROMM, so the colours are far from limited. The colour set in the preferences does not affect the colour space used in the Develop persona, only once an image is developed or if an unprofiled document is opened. You should find that after the develop has finished it will be in your set profile unless you override it by setting something else in the profiles section in the develop persona  basic panel. The information can be misleading slightly as you will not actually be in sRGB and also most likely 16bit instead of 32 when the develop actually finishes, but it does update accordingly.


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Then I need help. What can I do to get the full gamut out of my RAWs?

Attached you find two pictures, that show the effect. Both developped without any correction or amplifications applied. The one with grey areas (i.e. sRGB gamut exceeded) stems from a different raw tool. It is not an isolated effect, just one example.

full gamut.PNG

limited gamut.PNG

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