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Resources to design floor plans? (2D furniture, plants, etc...)

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Hi there.

I have to do several floor plans for an architectural firm, I would like to know where can I find resources, free or commercial, for such kind of designs.


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Hi Gabriel.

Thanks for those links! 

I don´t want to draw isometric plans, I just want to dress a 2D floor plan in a beautyful way for clients, what I´m looking for are resources like furniture, kitchen objects, garden things and trees, etc...

But anyways, I´ll check the videos and thanks for your anwer! :)


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The most difficult thing might be getting everything you want in the same - or very similar - style.
In other words, you might find some chairs and tables that look great but it could be very difficult to get, for example, some beds that looked the same.
There is probably a lot of free furniture clipart out there but if the artist hasn't done everything you want then you will have to mix artists and therefore styles.
A quick search gave me these three examples (not free, check licences):
* https://www.123rf.com/clipart-vector/floor_plan.html?sti=nyh5vjp878miociaqb|&mediapopup=60509790
* https://www.perfecttableplan.com/html/floor-plan-clip-art.html
* https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/129426-floorplan-interior-icons
Note that you only get a few items in each and they're all different styles.

Even if you can get everything you want in the same style, there's also lighting and shadow to think about.
The artist will have drawn lighting/shadow in the same orientation for all the artwork so if you start rotating things it will look messy with the light coming from all different angles.


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