I've had Designer for several years now, but only recently started to devote time to learning it. Whilst working on a test 'Logo' I was very happy to find the Erase option for layers, as it makes creating complex transparent areas that are made up of several shapes a breeze. (see Attached) However, what I've noticed is that there's an issue where the clipping mask applied to the over-all object structure leaves a faint but perceptible outline which is visible on screen & PDF files, so I imagine this would also appear on final prints - even if only as a faint spiders-web sort of effect. After going round in circles I finally found the cause & a solution - but it's one I can't help but think of as a 'Bodge-Job'... The issue is caused by the fact that in Designer (even if you select 0pt from the stroke menu & click the 'None' option) if you check the "Brush Selection" panel you will see that it never goes lower than '1px'. This causes it to display a very thin & faint outling of what should in reality be an invisible clipping path, even if the shape has no fill or outline. The solution that I've found is to select the offending object and then in the 'Layer Effects' panel tick the 'Outline' option, with a setting of '1px'. This has no other effect than that of making the problem disappear. I've not gone so far as to print this, but it's clearly visible on the attached PDF and Designer file. It was bugging me all weekend, so I'm probably going to be told it's not important... Bird Logo Fault.afdesign Bird Logo Fault.pdf