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Brushes for technical drawings (fashion design)


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Hey Guys,

I'm a fashion design student and I switched from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Desginer.

I don't want to use AD just for drawings but for technical drawings too.

My problem: in Illustrator I had  brushes for zippers and stitches. Everytime I drew a straight line I could change the brush into a zipper or a stitch but for AD there is nothing like this pre made brushes available (or haven't found it yet).
So, is it possible that someone can explain me how I make this brushes in AD or it would be nice if someone do it for me

I attached you the ad file with the pre made shapes

This is how they look



Thank you in advance

Fashion Brushes.afdesign

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Hello D3moN,

For an open zip draw two elements including the space between them and also the space after the right one (this one represents the space with the next element). Export to PNG and create a new brush from this PNG (on my screenshot, part framed in red).

To represent the closed part draw four elements (two on each side) without leaving any space, export to PNG and also create a new brush with this PNG (blue framed part on the screenshot).

For a line drawing like your example, do the same.

To create the brush, expand the "Hamburger" to the right of the studio's "Brushes" tab, click on "New textured Image Brush" and choose the PNG file you created. The brush is then added to the brush category that is opened.

I hope this can help you,



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Hey reglico,

after hours of looking for a tutorial to manage  how this works, I've found one that showed me how to create a brush (in a way I could understand :D).

This morning I got the time to test it. Et voilà it worked.
I could create these brushes which I had in illustrator before.

But nevertheless, reglico I thank you so much for your time.!


I attched the brushes I made this morning. So if someone is interested in using them, go for it.

Fashion Brushes.afbrushes

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4 hours ago, YZSTUDIO said:

Hi  @D3moN, I’m a newbie too and also a fashion designer that’s making the switch from Ai to AD. Can you send the link of the video you watched please. 😃


I watched the video in my mother tongue, german. Maybe you get it even without understanding what he's saying. 


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Yes this works.... but I would still prefer something like the Illustrator Pattern Brushes where I can just drag any vector shape into the brush palette and not have to go through the hassle of exporting to PNG every time.... I can also see an improved version where the brushes can still be edited once in brush palette much like symbols can.

If Affinity adds this feature I'll jump the adobe ship

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