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Hi everyone!

I'm excited to announce my newest project Affinicasts.

What is it?
Affinicasts features expert video tutorials and courses showcasing the Affinity-Serif product suite.

Who is it for?
Designers, Photographers,  and anyone interested in these topics. Whether you're new to design or are migrating from another tool as a seasoned pro, Affinicasts teaches you all things Affinity-Serif. Not only do you learn more about the applications, but you also learn general design, typography, color, theory, and the history of graphic design through real-world courses and tutorials.

What sets Affinicasts apart from other tutorials?
With Affinicasts, we keep things simple. Whether it's demonstrating a new feature or sharing an idea to improve workflow, our aim is to convey exactly how things work when it comes to being creative with Affinity-Serif applications.

Our videos and courses are delivered in 4k video quality with professional audio quality to boot. We narrate our entire process from start to finish within each video or course so that you can get context for how things work and the best way to go about doing them. Any assets and art generated during a tutorial or courses are freely available to pro and lifetime subscribers. We also offer unbiased feedback about features and how they compare to other design related tools in the space of design software.

My long-term goal is to create a 
design-driven community where both existing and aspiring designers can come together and learn not only about Affinity-Serif software but about design in general. Future topics include design theory, designing for print, publication design (with Affinity Publisher), typography, and much more.

Where can I find it?

If you read this far, I look forward to any feedback you might have! I built the Affinicasts platform to help Affinity-Serif spread the word about how awesome their software is. We will be publishing new content every week so be sure to bookmark the site!

I'm always happy to help out if you have questions relating to your own project(s) or how to accomplish something specific inside these programs. Feel free to reach out to me here or via our contact form.




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Looks good, too bad Aff apps aren't that popular. Any chance you'll do and oil painting effect tutorial?

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Nice, I will surely have a look. Good to see more and more people sharing their knowledge about Affinity Apps

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