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Borrow few features from Xara please

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1. Any bitmap being instantly a "bitmap fill"  wth ability to scale, tile or replace it instantly for a certain object only or everyone sharing same fill.    It's kind of possible in Affinity too but takes to much of a hassle. in Xara it's so much more convenient and click less.    So basically combine "place image" and "fill tool" features in a single thing.

2. Instant bitmap feather.    Copy/paste the feature from a single piece of image to others.       In Xara it works so instantly  and so easy.        It makes any image  collaging so swift  in Xara

3.   Object tags or what Xara calls "names" . An ability to write several special tags to any object in a document   and have every new copy inheritting  them.    Plus a special panel to sort ,select and hide/unhide objects based on such tags.      It could recreate Photoshops  both "Layer comps"  and layer colour tagging  features and do in much more powerful way actually. 

4. Not Xara feature , rather  your old Serif one.   Please bring back an ability to make  more alternating tiling parts in Image brush.   Having only start/end and one tiling part is not ok, it makes it merely a funny toy only.   Repetitive and primitive. 




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