Decimal point accuracy - this is in sore need. When all I can get is 1 number to the right of the decimal point (in many instances), this app is unusable. For years, Illustrator was only accurate to 2 decimals. It sucked. 3 is an absolute minimum, and 4 or 5 would get Designer out of the dark ages. Hi johnnydfred, and welcome here …  Internally, all Affinity apps will use the full floating-point precision for processing numeric inputs, but the interface will only show you a limited number of decimal places. But you are not restricted to entering numbers with one decimal place only. Use the “calculator” flyout, if you need more precision. The interface will present you with a rounded version of your input, but the exact number you entered will be used for processing. The desktop version allows you to select the number of decimal places for the interface. Hopefully, there will be a way to achieve something similar on the iPad in the future. Alex