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[By Design] [Designer] P3 display or not?

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Designer is not displaying p3. Ipad pro. I copied it over, tried importing all the same. The sample image of course is only going to explain what is happening if you can See P3.



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Well I’m truly confused now. I reinstalled affinity photo doesn’t seem it also cannot display or work in wide gamut.

is this consistent across affin apps?

I opened it with Procreate they can display the P3 and you could see us soon as I put colors down on it, the export png from affinphoto  that was created in P3, evidently was not. Can someone please clear this all up.




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Hi  Wallyma,
Welcome to the forums!

I've only currently got access to the iPad Pro 1st gen which does not support P3 over the weekend, I'll have to investigate this once I get back to the office on Monday.

Affinity apps certainly support P3 gamut and there should be no issue with this image displaying correctly. I'd recommend closing the open file, going into Preferences>Colour and changing your default RGB profile to P3 then importing the image from Photos once again. It may be that the EXIF data is not being read correctly and Affinity is opening the image in the wrong colour space, clipping the wider gamut.

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I've recreated this issue on a newer iPad that supports P3, interestingly enough if you export the image back to Photos then it is still correct, meaning the gamut is not being clipped but it is not being displayed correctly in the app. I have informed our developers of this and I'll have this thread moved to our bugs section of the forum.

Having spoken to our developers I've been informed the iPad version doesn't currently support P3 display. The colour profile is available such that your colours are not clipped if working on a P3 document as I mentioned above.

We support P3 display on compatible iMacs, so this is something we may bring to the iPad version in the future. 

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