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Affinity Designer iPad - iCloud Storage Icon Issue

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Update: it appears in the iOS13 beta, the same Affinity Photo folder icon is showing up for both Photo and Designer in the Files app. Strangely, the Publisher folder doesn't show up at all in Files on iOS 13 beta on iPhone or the latest iOS 12 release on iPad. Likely more an Apple thing, but felt it may be worth mentioning.

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Issue occurs on my iPad too, but:

  • The AP icon shows on Files and in iCloud storage in settings only on iPad (and iPhone) whereas on Mac icon in finder is correct, only the one in settings is AP again.
  • I don’t use AP on my iPad now, had it installed before. Now even though I just restored iPad as new and installed Designer the icon is wrong without Photo installed at all.
  • I did all the following (few times)
    On 7/26/2018 at 11:53 AM, Sean P said:

    1. Go into Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage and go into each of the listed apps and select 'Delete Documents & Data' and proceed with the delete. If you go out and then back into the Manage Storage the folders should have disappeared.

    2. Go back to the iCloud folder and turn off 'iCloud Drive' and then turn it back on.

    3. Go into Designer > Preferences > General and change 'Default Save Location' to iCloud Drive.

    4. Start a new blank document in Designer and return to the home screen. From the home screen select the document preferences menu and select 'Save'. It should now save to the iCloud

    5. Return to Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage and check the folder in there. With any luck the correct name and badge should be listed. If you can repeat Step 4 and 5 using Photo hopefully that will create the correct folder and badge.

    And I went even further- as I mentioned I restored iPad as new and then did all the above again.

What I noticed - the thing is connected with internet connection (sic!) - when after restoring I relaunched iCloud Drive with airplane mode and saved new doc to iCloud, the icon Was correct! But after reconnecting to WiFi and restarting Files app it went bad again ☹️ It’s also interesting that with default saving location set to “on my iPad”, the icon is always right.

I really hope to see this fixed, as someone mentioned there people like us can lose hair because of tiny detail like that 😂 And the problem accompanies me now, on version 1.8.3, so it survived quite some time, that’s impressive 😜

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