Hi leb050,

I'm unable to reproduce this, both apps are showing up correctly in Settings for me with the name and correct badge. The only thing I can suggest is to try a few things: First, back up any documents you have stored in both App's iCloud folder so ensure no work is lost! I would go into each of the two listed 'Affinity Photos' and check what files are listed and ensure you have them all backed up somewhere away from iCloud for the time being. 1. Go into Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage and go into each of the listed apps and select 'Delete Documents & Data' and proceed with the delete. If you go out and then back into the Manage Storage the folders should have disappeared. 2. Go back to the iCloud folder and turn off 'iCloud Drive' and then turn it back on. 3. Go into Designer > Preferences > General and change 'Default Save Location' to iCloud Drive. 4. Start a new blank document in Designer and return to the home screen. From the home screen select the document preferences menu and select 'Save'. It should now save to the iCloud 5. Return to Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage and check the folder in there. With any luck the correct name and badge should be listed. If you can repeat Step 4 and 5 using Photo hopefully that will create the correct folder and badge. If that does work I would copy your files back into the relevant iCloud folders. Unfortunately Apple's integration of iCloud leaves a lot to be desired! I tried upload a file to iCloud using my Mac which then just wouldn't update on the iPad iCloud, I had to disable and re-enable iCloud on my Mac to get the whole folder to refresh, at which point a lot of other iPad Application Folders appeared on my Mac!