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In a bit of a convoluted way, yes

You'll have to download this version of iTunes that still has the App Store built in: https://secure-appldnld.apple.com/itunes12/091-60759-201803029-1F70CB08-3131-11E8-9791-31052B2AA206/iTunes12.6.4.dmg

You'll then be able to purchase Designer and it will be safely waiting in your Purchased app list on your new iPad, when you get it.

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You don’t need to download the app straight away. If you purchase it now it will be available for download to your iPad at any time.

Edit: I’ve just seen a post to another thread stating that this is no longer possible with the current version of iTunes.

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59 minutes ago, DeadArtist said:

I'm worried, if I install this iTunes over my iTunes, it will erase the library I've amassed.


Ah, sorry - I didn't realise it was an installer. I thought it was just the standalone app that could be run side-by-side with the mainstream iTunes. It won't overwrite your library but it might be a pain in the arse to get it back to the proper version of iTunes.

Not sure how to help here, sorry.

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