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Duplicating layer while adjusting halftone (maybe other) filter(s) causes duplicated layer preview to incorrectly reflect filter preview

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  1. Create a layer with raster data (some image or something)
  2. Go to Filters -> Color -> Halftone, preview mode starts (haven't tested with other filters but I'd imagine it's the same for all of them)
  3. Without applying the filter or closing out of the filter panel, right click on the layer and click Duplicate

The duplicated (new) layer's preview (in the Layers panel) shows the filter preview instead of the 'true' image data. Hiding/Showing the layer resets it and forces it to show the actual layer contents.

Layer prior to starting filter:


Preview of the canvas during filter preview:




Duplicated layer preview:


Shows the layer preview with incorrect data alongside the canvas (the canvas is correct in this case) - remains so even after closing out (not applying) the filter panel:


And finally, after unchecking visibility, the preview is reset.


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Hi Junon,

This is a simple case of the Layers Panel not being refreshed when you cancel out of a filter. Doing something such as adding a new layer will also cause the preview to refresh. I'll get this passed on to development.

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Hi Sean,

I think that's close but not entirely correct - it depends on the intended functionality. As it stands, the preview isn't updated for the first layer that you're previewing the filter on (in step 2 of OP). That's to say, layers you're previewing filters on don't have their layer panel component updating, either. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not (either case would make sense IMO) but it's not just the cancelling out that's bugged. The fact the behavior is different between the original layer preview and the duplicated layer preview is what this bug is more specifically identifying.

Hope that helps.

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