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Issue / Task:

Imagine you are creating a user interface or some other dynamic / modular design consisting of a variety of elements, sharing certain properties, such as

  • color
  • stroke width
  • fx
  • and many more


Possible Applications:

  • Creating dynamic, unified color palettes for multiple buttons, knobs, input fields etc.
  • Changing global or semi-global stroke properties on the fly
  • Re-using existing designs while applying new schemes for a new entry in the series swiftly
  • Speeding up changes to large-scale projects in general


Related Solutions:

While Symbols allow for document-wide changes in properties within copies of the same object or shape, when working with a diverse range of shapes, groups and nestings can be tedious to impossible. Inheritances would speed up things considerably and add a whole range of possibilities.


Implementation Suggestion:

I would imagine the following workflow to be quite effective and straightforward, at least as far as my routine is concerned:

  • Select and copy the source element
  • Select the element to inherit a property
  • Navigate to a window / tab with any property (such as color, stroke, fx etc.)
  • Click the Inherit Button, a small, universal icon found in all studio tabs and windows. This property is now linked to the source element. Changing this specific property within the source element also affects this element.
  • Click the Inherit Button again to unlink / disable the inheritance.

Copying elements with an inheritance would preserve the inheritance for the copied element.


I hope this makes reasonnable sense - of course I would be thrilled to find out something similar was already available in Affinity Designer.


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Sounds to me like you're just talking about a proper implementation of graphic styles, in which an "Update From Selection" command (or drag & drop) is provided so that existing objects to which that style is applied update accordingly.

And inclusion of the ability to use stored graphic styles as one of the criteria in a proper find & replace feature.


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