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I have a problem with a brandnew hp es27 inch display. I use it as extended display connected to a macbook pro. If I am using the macbook pro with standard applications no problem. If I work with affinity photo problems coming up:

- after developing an raw image, the image ist right after developing not sharp  and with pixels. If I pull the open program to the mac - the same problem. If I disconnect the display and develope the picture again on the macbook - no problem.

- Sometimes the picture contracts so you can see a part of the picture - the rest is canvas as you know it from an empty design template.

- the menu bar on top is sometimes fixed sometimes not.

When I connect my surface pro with the creative cloud applications, then I have no issue. 

Hope you can help me, I want to switch complete to affinity solutions - but with such a problem it will not work.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi DesignCrew,

Welcome to the forums!
Your issues may be fixed by changing your Display profile. This can be done by going to Edit>Preferences>Performance and changing the Display mode to Metal.

Please let me know if this helps :) 

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Hi Dan C,

thanks a lot for the advise! I changed the settings to metal and after a reboot I opened the pic I developed yesterday - the quality was still poor. Then I worked on a new one and I think it is working quite good with the new setting! :)

Thank you very much for your your help!!!



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