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Cursor Issues

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I was hoping to find out if anyone else is having issues with the cursor icon not updating in designer (sometimes Photo).

I experience this as I draw with my tablet monitor. If I move the cursor using a mouse around the interface there is no issue. When I move around with the tablet, the cursor is fine when it leaves where the mouse left off until it reaches outside the canvas area.

The cursor, once moved outside the canvas area (using the tablets stylus), will turn into the arrow to allow for menu item selection but once returned to the canvas area the cursor does not update to the current brush selection (when the brush tool is seleceted).

This is an issue for every version since the first beta release to the current and all the official releases.

Is there anything I can do to help the dev's pin-point the issue here?


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Thanks @Chris_K!

I probably should add, in the pixel persona of Designer, once this issue occurs, I lose the ability of doing any sort of selection in any panels besides the once the tablet stylus is active in.

ie: I'm using the stylus in the canvas window, the layers panel or any other panel besides the canvas window, is not select-able  with the mouse until the tablet stylus activates the panel by selecting something within it.

Hopefully that makes sense.


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