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Affinity Photo does not save the dpi settings in the file

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I searched the forum but did not find any relevant results.

I'm on Imac of 2011 with OSX 10.13.5.

I need to change the parameters of some photos for printing (type of color space, print profile, so far no problem, the parameters are stored.

the correct dpi and the correct exact size, which I need in the DTP program, instead are not saved, and every time I reopen the file the settings are as before saving (for example 72 dpi). and the DTP program reflects the dpi of the file. (I use the command alt + command + i) to make the changes.

I tried to use the export function too, but it does not change anything, the file is always set at 72 dpi.

what am I doing wrong? Thank you.

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Hi padura,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
This is due to a known bug/conflict between the original image metadata and the document dpi. Click the More button on the Export dialog and untick Embed metadata to keep the dpi you set for the document. This is already logged to be looked at/fixed in a future update.

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