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Please add proxy icons (core macOS file handling functionality)

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there's a feature in macOS which I know is quite hidden but it's very very very useful, once you are aware of. Bad enough that it is missing in affinity photo and designer.

In all finder windows and most apps which deal with files it's possible to do some basic file handling actions from the window title where the file icon is located. Doing a right click lets you go directly to the path where the file is located. Dragging the file icon lets you move or copy the file to another place.

Here's a very quick video attached but you should try this handling yourself and you will see, how it boosts your productivity. 

Btw. this function exists from the first day of mac OS X. Would be nice if you add this because it's so so basic.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-fkYFV7rOY (at 0:59, some other examples exist, but I just had this quickly by hand)



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Hi Benny,
Yes, we are aware of the titlebar functionality provided by the macOS but this wasn't implemented in the Affinity apps. I don't know the reason for the omission nor if it's something planned for a future update, in any case i'm moving this thread to the Suggestions for Affinity Range ( current & future ) thread which is where it should be after the recent forum re-organization.
Thanks for bringing this up again.

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+1 for the proxy-icon. It's important when working with a pro-filestructure in finder. The open/save-dialog is not the place to organize files.

I also wondered if this may be a victim of compatibility btw win/mac/ios...

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