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As an architect, often in need of exporting logos to dwg/dxf, I also support the request for dwg and/or dxf export*.

Specific use cases include, for example:

- Drawings' title blocks (one logo for each member/practice of the design team)

- 3D models (customer's logo on the façade of a building)

Being able to select dxf version would also be useful (Blender can currently only read DXF Release 12, to my knowledge).


*Edit: Apologies, only later realized this is off-topic, asking for exporting while OP asks for importing.

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2 hours ago, Hokusai said:

I agree that having the ability to import DWG files would be useful but don't most CAD type apps let you export files as PDF files? Wouldn't that be a possible work around until the ability to import DWG files is added? 

DWG > PDF is quite easy (you can even use free DraftSight) but PDF > DWG is not so.

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This isn't going to happen. This has been asked for since the beginning and they've completely ignored it. There are bugs with the Expand Stroke function that have existed since the beginning that they've done nothing to fix. I've all but given up. If Illustrator wasn't so bloated I'd go back, but since Affinity doesn't seem to pay much attention to users' concerns I have to find something else to use.

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When Affinity Designer first came out (years ago now) I was extremely excited to have an apparently viable alternative to Illustrator and their crazy subscription $$$.  The lack of DXF/DWG import/export in Affinity has left it unusable for me or my engineers/graphics people.  People will suggest laundering your data through Inkscape or other hacky methods to export/translate/import.  All are unsatisfactory and add steps or inaccuracies to what should be an extremely simple, native process.

Every 6 or 9 months I have checked to see if anything has changed - but nothing ever does and the developers are off on other tools where they will probably make more money.  Designer has been stagnant for years and years now.  My market is unaddressed.

It IS sad.  Such promise and such possibility to capture the engineering/graphic applications and the whole maker world with laser cutters and all that will be unrealized.  I would happily pay for an upgrade to get this capability,  but it's just not going to happen with Affinity.  If you troll through the forums and blogs, there is a comment buried in there by an Affinity person somewhere stating that it is unlikely that native DXF/DWG import/export will ever happen.  Sorry.

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I do unterstand, that Serif/Affinity is not (yet?) supporting an exotic file-format like that.
From what I have seen, its mainly used in engineering and architectural Design - not in classic graphics Design.

I guess, native Import-Export of "Adobe-Formats" (Illustrator? InDesign?) and Quark XPress may attract more new customers than DXF/DWG.
(esp. since there is an Import-workaround via PDF..)


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