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.112: good and bad

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Hi there,

first the good news:

  • the "micro-freezes" are almost gone. I noticed these short-time freezes/lock ups mainly in the develop-persona before.
  • It seems to me, that opening RAW-Files (Nikon NRW) works faster now.
  • The application in general seems to run more smoothly.

and some not so good feedback:

  1. the Issue I reported some time ago is still present
  2. glitch 1 in Panorama-Creator: no drag and drop; do I really have to select the Pano-Images manually from a File-Open Dialog-Window?
    (I dont see this as a new feature request since the lack of drag-n-drop is a bug to me.)
    (BTW: The Pano-Maker is nice, but weak compared to the free Microsoft I.C.E.)
  3. glitch 2 in Panorama-Creator: after having the Pano stitched, there is no "are you sure?"-Warning, when closing the Document Window.
  4. Design-Error (?) in Develop-Persona: when closing the Document-Window AP asks me to use the buttons on the Left ("develop" or "cancel").
    ?? Why not just handle the "close Window event" the same way as if the User had clicked the Cancel-Button ?
    the Message: "please use the other Buttons" is somehow awkward.
  5. Design-Flaw: in the light-UI the default-Button in a Dialog-Window is harder to distinguish from the others than in the dark UI.
  6. afphoto-Files are still huge; I expect some lossless Data-Compression to be implemented but it does not seem to work.


kind regards


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Hey Fritz,

  1. Sorry. I will bump this.
  2. Windows indicates you might be able to do this but it doesn't work. The Mac version doesn't suggest it is possible.
  3. It should do in the Panorama Persona. It won't if you just click Stitch > Cancel (probably should though). I'll query that.
  4. I'm sure this has been raised a number of times. I agree with you but I don't think this will change.
  5. Can you say specifically which dialog? I'm having a hard time trying to find what you mean. Sorry.
  6. I've seen a few comments thrown about the forum about what we could do to improve this and also replies from some of the developers.

I edited your comment to use numbers instead of bullets, just to make it easier to see what I was replying to. 

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Hi Chris B

ad 1.) Thanks
ad 2.) not sure if you understand me: there just is no Drag-n-Drop. Anno 2018? must be a mistake/error/bug.
ad 3.) at this point (see Screenshot "Pano.png") AP does not ask "are you sure?" when closing the Document-Window
ad 5.) see attached screenshot ("Default-Button"); which default button is easier to recognize? light-UI or dark-UI?

kind regards



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2. There is no drag/drop functionality but I think there should be. I'll feed this back to development

3. I'll get this looked into. I can imagine this is a royal pain if you've spent ages adding all your files only to accidentally close it all

5. Ah, yes I see what you mean. The highlight around the button isn't very obvious/strong. I'll feed this back. 

Thanks :) 

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On point 2, drag/drop: as a new (Mac) user of Affinity Photo I must agree that this omission is highly frustrating, the more so since Photo is dumb in its selection of starting folder in its various dialogues - it insists on presenting the folder last used in that particular dialogue, and ignoring for example the fact that I have just opened an image in a different folder using "open with" from the Finder. Save and export functionality is broken in a similar way, in that I would expect both dialogues to default to the folder from which the edited image was opened but no, once more the program remembers the folder last used by those dialogues even though that folder is generally irrelevant to the image being edited.

I did notice a 'Recent Places' drop-down in the Open and Save dialogues . Unfortunately opening an image, whether using the Open dialogue or using "open with" from the Finder, does not add that folder to Recent Places, so that is that is of no help with the Save dialogue.

As I say, I am a new user, so I will be pleased if this is all just lack of familiarity with Photo, but it currently feels as though something as fundamental as opening and saving files is incredibly poorly implemented.

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