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Hello community,


I'm new to affinity designer and never really used a vector based software before. 

Now I want to great a logo, but I'm having an issue with the font.


Here is my current status:



The current outline of the "Robin" lettering is in the same color (red) as the background. But this was just a workaround, because when I change the background color now, the outline is still in this red shape.


How can I make a transparent outline? I tried to punch the font with the current outline out of the circles with the "Substract" button, but I can't use this function an text and a shape.


Thanks for you help!







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Hello iamrobin.

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Is that outline a stroke of an object or an FX effect? Seems you've used an Outline FX.

If it's a stroke you have to convert the outline in to a shape before you can subtract it from another path. To do this, select the outline and go to Layer -> Expand Stroke. 


If it's an FX you can't subtract it from a shape, because the effects are not rendered as vector objects. You have to create/use a stroke instead.

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