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png export absolute size issue

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I have an issue with png export:

I'm trying to export a large image (40.000x16.00 px) to png, but the exported file only has 32.767 x 13.106 px. The Image gets scaled (without any warning), regardless what I'm doing to avoid that.
Exporting to PDF also fails, there seems to be a limitation to 14.400 px, even if I chose PDF1.7 which should be able to hande up to 75.000 px in height and width.
JPEG exports without problems to 40.000 px, but I need the transparency information.

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OK, thank you.
I also tried open EXR - but Photo crashed just before finishing the job. :(
My first intention was to use PDF (because it's a combination of pixel and Vector layers, both with transparency), but it seems there is the limit at 14.400px...

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