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Layer with clipping mask and no other contents causes strange phantom border to render

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  1. Create a shape or something; group it (so it's by itself) and then remove the shape from the group (yielding an empty group)
  2. Create a second shape, outside of the group (a rectangle will do)
  3. Order the rectangle so that it's above the empty group and then perform a "Mask To Below" operation on the shape (so that it masks the empty group)
  4. See below for result - there's a strange border that appears. It changes shade and thickness as you zoom in and out.



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Hi Junon

This is the be blend line between objects. You see a similar thing sometimes when placing two object next to each other. Unfortunately its a side effect of our on screen rendering but it shouldn't be on your export. It seems to disappear if you have some content in the group rather than just an empty group

Thanks for raising this

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No problem, I figured it wouldn't be on the export and it's not bothering me per se, just figured I'd raise the report :) And yes, it does disappear when adding content to the group.

Thanks for the quick response!

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I've just come across this issue as well, but not in a rectangular crop but a shaped crop, and as soon as I started investigating I did a PDF which clearly showed a sort of 'smudge' outline.

I've just written a post that I think solves it here:


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