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Export persona: Maintain aspect ratio

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Hi all! Today I wanted to create multiple prints from one photo, trying out different crops. The way I did it now was as follows: crop photo (maintaining aspect ratio), export, undo, crop again, undo, crop again. That's rather cumbersome and I can't easily go back to previous settings if I like a crop.

I thought the export persona would be a great help, but as far as I understand, I cannot make slices keep aspect ratio?

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2 hours ago, gewoonm said:

I cannot make slices keep aspect ratio?

Well, you can constrain them.

If you drag out a slice to the size of the whole image first, then press down the shift key and drag on the corner slice handle, that will constrain the slice, so it will be to the aspect ratio of the original image. You could also draw a slice and enter a ratio in the Transform panel, like 400 x 600 and then use shift to constrain it as you adjust the slice size.

You can draw multiple slices (overlapping or not) and export them all at once, which should make it much less cumbersome and of course, they are all still there if you like one or want to do a bit of tweaking.

These slices are all drawn like that and clicking on Export Slices produces four images, all to the aspect ratio of the original.



There may be better options. Someone will know, I'm sure.


Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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1 hour ago, toltec said:

If you drag out a slice to the size of the whole image first ...

For this step, you could open the Export Persona Layers panel, select the image in it (if it is not already selected but it should be), & click the "Create Slice"  button, which will automatically create a slice at the full size of the image. Not much different from dragging out the slice but maybe slightly more goof proof.

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Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer for iPad; 6th Generation iPad 32 GB; Apple Pencil; iPadOS 14.0.1

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