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[Affinity Photo] Performnce and stability problems

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I also find Affinity Photo unstable, I have the trial and I've had it hang and crash on me a few times, one time I lost hours of work (my own fault) just by hitting the tone mapping. Another time I used a filter and it hung and then crashed.

I7 7700k
16GB Ram

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Hi Tazdrago and Jstarghh, welcome to the Affinity Forums.

We've seen a few users report performance issues recently—especially when they are using high-end Nvidia cards. I know it sounds obvious, but can you please make sure you have the most recent drivers installed. Are you both running the Windows 1803 build? There seems to have been a few issues introduced with this update.

Are you primarily working with raw files? If so, from what camera? 

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Hi Chris,

I'm also seeing terrible (basically unusable) performance on my machine too.

  • Dell, i5, 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 10 1803
  • On-board Intel graphics with latest drivers
  • I'm working with raw files from a Sony a6300.

Basically importing TIFF files from Lightroom CS6 (8 bit, sRGB) and then doing some simple layer work.  Eg: swapping eyes on portraits.  Eventually the system completely bogs down and then each operation will take 15-30 seconds.  Like I said, unusable.

Thanks for any info and please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.


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