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Text on path in Affinity Photo..

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Just bought Affinity Designer for macOS today, and had a nice supiese in Affinity Photo for iOS :-) 

I made a document in AD, with text on path.. saved it and opened it in AP on the iPad. and discovered I could edit path and edit the text, even if the AP for iOS doesn’t have this option, I mean to create text on path in AP for iOS. 

So I made a document in AD with some sample text on a path, saved it in the iCloud Drive, and when I need text on path in AP for iOS and dont have the Designer available as it’s not for iPad yet (hopefully soon).. I can just get them from this document :-) 

this also means it shouldn’t be to difficult for the dev team to implement this feature for AP for iOS.. I guess :-) 

Maybe a little clumsy explained, and obvious for some.. but a nice surprise for me :-) 

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