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Straight line bug with Paint Brush

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Hi folks,

On the attached video, you'll find the illustration of the bug described here:

  1. Select the Paint Brush Tool
  2. Make a —single click— to paint a point
  3. Move somewhere else and hold shift ⇧
  4. —Single click— to paint a straight line
  5. Repeat steps 2. to 4. to better understand what's going on
  6. To make is "work", you have to click —and drag— at step 2.

I hope this help. Can't wait to see this one fixed as it's pretty annoying.

Thanks for the support.


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Hi Tazintosh,

This regression was introduced with the last update. We haven't had a beta since it was reported so I hope to see this fix once we get a beta.

Sorry for the trouble. 

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