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Fast photo DAM integration - like Photo Mechanic but with advanced RAW processing

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The title says it all. We need a DAM and processing options far more advanced than currently offered. I'm a working photographer, I'm loving Affinity Photos capabilities but I hate the RAW processing and the lack of a DAM.

I've had to concede and have gone back to Lightroom and Bridge as Affinity Photo just dosen't allow me to work as I need to. All my editing is done in Affinity photo but not RAW processing or sorting files. Please Serif sort it out for us working guys.

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Three different things here discussed.


1) Image manipulation application = Affinity Photo

2) Digital Assets Management = Wanted / use third party applications like digiKam.

3) Digital photograph raw conversion application = Wanted / Affinity Photo having basic functions


If Affinity/Serif would do something great, they would make a own standalone raw converter that can be used as plugin with their applications. So you could insert a memory card, open the converter, drag'n'drop files from card to it as listed and point a new directory where to convert them as wanted other format, by applying the lens corrections etc. Make it small and tiny application, like example what a Rapid Image Downloader is for Linux https://www.damonlynch.net/rapid/ that can do you everything alone by just inserting memory card, doing the backups to multiple destinations and organize the files based wanted exif data etc. 

For majority of the people, they come home after week or two trip and their camera has maybe a 200-500 photos. They don't need complex things to manage files, just get them "Event > Days" directory tree. And then they browse files via file manager and use image editor to process picked ones.

Then when more complex things are we going, more demanding situations and setups come around. Like running a studio you have 4-5 photographers working there, each one having a 2-3 cameras and produce weekly thousands of frames that each need to get to centralized local server and then to their wanted services or storage mediums and workstations. Some shoot with JPEG and some shoot raw, card management is done correctly so everyone is using multiple cards in the shoot/task and they get rotated etc. Some prefer Adobe tools, some needs some other ones... 


So if Affinity comes with a applications for one task, does it very well, it is great for many. So separate converter (standalone and plugin for Affinity) as DAM and all should come better. 

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That's a very good option Paristo. I'm in the middle ground, I shoot automotive events for the media industry and can quite easily shoot 3-4k frames over a weekend. I need to be able to cull and process images quickly, I don't use it but the browsing engine of Photo Mechanics and the algorithms used by Phase One would be a perfect match in a standalone app that you plugin to Affinity.

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