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I'm Leaving Photoshop

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I am leaving Photoshop after having been a user and aficionado of the software for many many years.


What has turned me and others against Photoshop is their unpopular new pricing mechanism that they now employ (renting the software monthly). It is no doubt acceptable to some but not everyone and especially those that do not use Photoshop in a business environment (I am retired) or on a daily basis. Also, it has become increasingly difficult to contact the company for assistance.


Since retirement, Photoshop has been gifted to me by my family as a 'present' and to ask someone to give me a gift that requires a never ending monthly commitment is not suitable in my situation.


I like the look of this new software and was wondering if the pricing of this product is planned to follow the Photoshop model at some later stage - that is, paying a monthly fee? If so, I will discontinue to use this software and look elsewhere.


Anyone else not happy with Photoshops pricing model?



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Ditched Adobe over a year ago.


Using the following: Image Editing; Acorn, Pixelmator and Affinity Photo Beta — Illustration; Ivinci, Idraw and Affinity Designer — Publishing; QuarkXpress 10.5. — Web Design; Pinegrow Web Designer and BBEdit.

2009: 27 inch iMac / Intel Core i5 / 2.66 GHz / 16 GB Memory / System: Yosemite 10.10.3 – PRINCIPAL DESIGN SOFTWARE: QuarkXpress 9.5.1, 10.5 and 2015 / Pinegrow Web Designer / Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo / Acorn

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Congratulations on leaving Adobe.  I have done exactly the same.  The monthly rental pricing mechanism is a huge turn off. Thankfully Serif appear to have no intention of going down the subscription route, and continue to state this fact on these forums and elsewhere time and time again.  Accordingly  I will be buying this software as soon as it becomes publicly available for purchase with total confidence.

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Hi travel bug, welcome to the forums.


As a hobbyist, I have never had the pleasure of feeding the Adobe cash cow. I am a Serif user though.


What Affinity will offer you is, speed, a new user experience, a one off cost, a friendly and useful forum and most importantly...Moderators and staff who listen and try to act on the various posts. These replies are quick.


Don't forget to visit the road map to see what's coming next,



As for the various tutorials, MEB has kindly posted these links here,



Should be enough to get the ball going.





MacBook pro, 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, OS X 10.11.6



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travel bug,


I think that the Affinity team is well aware of how many people are unhappy with Adobe's subscription model and I doubt that they would go down that path. Adobe's subscription model might be okay for some businesses but for freelancers, hobbyists, and others it is terrible. I think that Adobe's subscription model has forced many people to look for alternatives to Adobe's products (as omegaman has listed some). Luckily the Affinity team has been working hard on Designer and now Photo (and later Affinity Publisher). It is a good time for people who are looking to get away from Adobe as they now have some reasonably priced, professional level, powerful software available, no subscription necessary. 

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