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Sampling color with the Brush while using a Pen does not work.

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I am using Windows 10 version 16299.461 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I am attempting to use the brush tool to paint and every so often press the alt key to temporarily switch to the eye-dropper tool to sample some color and then return to the brush tool by releasing the alt key so that I can continue painting with the newly sampled color. This works correctly while using a mouse but does not work at all with the pen (stylus). When I press the alt key and tap with the pen, the color that is picked up is the color directly underneath the mouse pointer (where the mouse/touchpad was last left resting) rather than where the pen is actually tapping. Therefore, I can not ever sample a color while using the stylus. If I can't figure out how to get this to work with Affinity Photo then there is no point in using Affinity Photo. This is a major part of my workflow and I can not use a mouse, that is far too slow and clumsy.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to turn on? Or is this a bug?

(Edit) I can't even use the eye-dropper with the pen (stylus). Each time I tap the screen with the pen tip the picked color is the one where I last used my laptop touchpad. I was hoping I could alternate between pressing "I" and then tapping a color with my pen and then pressing "b" to begin brushing; repeating as necessary. But I can't do that. It is as if Affinity Photo is ignorant that I am using a pen.

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Hi koda1000

Thanks for raising this I have passed it over to the development team. The issue with  using the colour picker tool itself with the surface pe is also an already knonw issue


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Hello, it is now Sept 11th 2018, I have now installed the newly released Affinity Photo and this issue still persist. On June 19th, Chris J said that it was fixed in beta. I imagine that the then beta has by now been rolled into this stable release ( Yet eye dropper sampling with a pen (surface pro 4 pen) does not work. The problem remains exactly as I had described originally as topic creator.

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