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I know that AD cannot import any legacy DP native files, but DP has a lot of cool styles that AD did not come with (and I've yet to find with any of the other available styles for download). Any way to get those into AD? I tried several work-arounds but so far nothing has worked.



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Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Valenti. :)

Assuming that you’re referring to the ‘Graphic Styles’ created in DP through various combinations of filter effects, I’m not aware of a quick and easy way to transfer them. I suspect you’ll have to resort to noting the parameters for each and laboriously recreating them in AD.

Several members here have shared AD styles that they’ve created.

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Hello, Valenti,

You can use a PD style in AD but there is no fast method and to my knowledge you can only do it for one style at a time.

In DP, create a large square without outline, apply a style to it.

Export to.png.

In AD, "Place" the file and convert it to curves.

In the "Styles" tab of the layer panel, expand the hamburger at the top right and choose "Add a style from the selection".


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