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Hi there. I've encountered this snapping bug (See GIF) many times and I'm wondering if this is a bug or something else. The problem seems to happen when an element on the artboard has been idle for a while (meaning it hasn't been touched or moved in a while) and when I create a new shape and try to align (snap) to that idle element the snapping guides don't appear at all. I have to select that idle element first and only then will the snapping feature work. Affinity Designers seems to not want to snap to elements that have been on the artboard for a while. Is anyone else having the same issue? 



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6 minutes ago, owenr said:

Maybe you have snapping in "Candidate List" mode and the idle element has dropped off the list. The list has a finite length which you can adjust from 1 to 20 and there's an option to highlight candidates with a purple line.


THAT'S IT! Thanks you so much for pointing that out! That's pretty cool that Affinity Designer gives you that option. :)

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