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Cristian Dragos

[AD] Change default zoom level for HiDPI displays or scale the content

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My main use of Affinity Designer is web designing, on Windows 10 btw.

And a few days ago I've bought a 4k 27" monitor which I use it at 125% scaling and since Windows is doing a pretty good job at scaling these days, everything is scaled at 125% including the browsers as their content. So now to get a sense of the real world applications of my web design I need to use AD at 125% zoom to match the same size as the content of the browsers.

Because I always need to zoom in and out, I've created a custom View Point (at 125%) in the Navigator panel but unfortunately I can't assign a custom Keyboard shortcut to it.

Better yet than a custom shortcut would be to set the default zoom level at 125% or have an option for the content to match the scaling of the OS. This is how it's done in Adobe XD for example.

This would help us web designers a lot when designing on HiDPI screens.

Any thoughts/solutions?

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