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I currently don't do any processing on the move - using just my Mac desktop at home.
I have an iPad Pro and am exploring my options to get things done whilst out and about doing shoots.

My query is about my potential workflow, and if Affinity Photo can help. I currently use all Adobe apps on my desktop, but a quick look at Lightroom on the iPad doesn't seem to provide what I am looking for.

I'm a real estate photographer, and I outsource my processing due to the volume of work required. But I often get gaps in my schedule when on the road, which could help me to get my photos to the editors quicker (then waiting until I get home).

I'm using Sony A7R III (with an A7 III as a backup).

All I need to be able to do is:
1) Get the Sony RAW files from my SD card onto the iPad. I understand a lightning SD reader will be needed for that.
2) Then to review the images, and possibly on some of them scale/crop to get the best of the shot. No actual processing of colours, etc.
3) Then save/export them as DNG files onto a cloud platform (whether it be OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, whatever).

Then I can email my Editors the location of the files to pick up for processing.
I can't give them JPGs because they need to do the actual processing.
DNGs end up much smaller filesizes than Sony RAW which means easier uploading too. And they are more universally recognized (the editors don't want to work with specific raw formats like Sony)

Right now I have to wait until I get home from a day of shooting and do the above with Lightroom on my Mac. I'd love to be able to do this between shoots on the road, on the iPad.

However, none of the apps I have looked into seem to be able to export this way. It's either save back to the original RAW format - or convert to a final non-raw format such as JPG.

As I can't trial Affinity on iPad - and it's the key feature I would need - I thought I would ask here before buying.

Is this going to be possible?

Many thanks



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Hi Simon, 

RAW files from a Sony A7R III are supported by the Apple Core Image engine built into iOS, so you would be able to import from SD card into Photos using an SD card reader. From here you could import them into Affinity Photo for adjustments or to apply crops. Unfortunately Affinity Photo doesn't have an option to export to DNG, it can export to PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF and some others.


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Thanks for the reply Lee.

Hmm - seems this just isn't something that's going to be possible with the iPad.

May have to fork out for a laptop to use instead.

For the record, does Affinity Photo desktop export DNGs?



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