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Hi, I was looking to buy a Wacom cintiq mobile studio pro 16", and I read some people had troubles with affinity using it on that device. does anybody knows if they fixed the problem? If I understood,even doing simple tasks, the screen went black... Thank you ! 

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We managed to reproduce the issue. As ByNine said, the windows internal management is trying to switch between the 2 graphics cards. 

  On 2/24/2018 at 2:23 PM, ByNine said:

Right click on Affinity Photo/Designer the program icon; if in the context menu select the Quadro as the GPU or you can do it from the context menu properties panel. This seems to be a conflict with the application trying to use the intel GPU and it being underpowered. This is not a guaranteed fix due to the system not respecting the setting when you are on battery power... It has fixed it for me in most cases and I don't see it anymore. Last place you can try, is to go in the Nvidia control panel and set the the application options from there.


We have successfully fixed the issue by going in the Nvidia Control Panel, Manage 3D settings > Program Settings >  Add Affinity to the list, make it use "High Performance NVIDIA processor". This should fix any issue. 

I have logged this with our devs so we can get their view as well. 



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