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Hey maybe I can cook for you. I'll be cooking a lot of pizza now for my new job.

The website is still a work in progress. The "Comics" and "Shop" sections are not yet ready. Feel free to connect with me and let me know what you like or what can be improved. You can contact me here, on my contact page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Thanks and have a great day!

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Hi.. I discovered Affinity Photo last month as I was starting to process underwater photos from a recent trip. I really like the work flow. The only feature I am missing from Elements is the 'Remove Color Cast' menu command. I expect the equivilent is in AP and i just haven't found it.


If you haven't worked with any underwater photos it the photo field extends beyond the range of the strobes a blue (tropics) or green cast is seen.   If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

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I have been using Affinity Photo for a while now and used the Forums plus Video tutorials when I get stuck with things.

I am no pro, just a cack handed amateur, that likes messing around with images.

Do like Affinity but have only just scratched the surface, should get more adventurous and get Desgner as well, but think I will hold off till another day :)

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Hi everyone,


I'm Marsorry, from Southern Africa - Namibia to be precise.  Total newbie when it comes to image editing, but I love tinkering around with great software.  I use a Mac and word has it, Affinity Designer and Photo are among the best out there, so I bought them both and here I am.  I'm a casual editor and like to do the odd random photo edit or create something new to help with illustration in my line of work (IT Management & yes, I like to create my own illustrations - 'weird').  I know I won't ever use most of the functionality in these apps - but the more I learn, the more creative I'll be able to get.  Also just bought two new Macs for the office - there's no doubt these apps are going on there, for sure.  Our small graphics and communications team currently uses Adobe products and they'll be changing very soon after they see what I can do on these (after I've learnt).  Loving the new Light mode user interface & looking forward to your collective help in the apps.



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It's better!
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On ‎6‎/‎10‎/‎2014 at 9:24 AM, Andrew Tang said:

Hello all, I'm Andy Tang and I'm also a Affinity developers. I will also try to help out when I can and I look forward to seeing your feedback and work created using our product. :)

Hello Andy, and Everyone I'm Donald located in Detroit  Michigan and this is great, I've always wanted to rain on you developers accolades after accolades in appreciation of the great product/products you people have developed over the years.  I've been a user of Serif Products since Serif 3.0 way back when. I found it on a store shelf with other computer software and decided to give it a try. Since then I've been more than partial to "Serif Products ".  The Affinity line is outstanding and the marketing approach is a grand slam home run. Don't be in any unnecessary rush with Affinity Publisher,  the completion of Affinity Publisher will come with time which has been and will continue to be my main stay in Desktop Publishing. In any case I know more functional applications now in Affinity Design than ever before which is a great blessing in itself. I'm mostly retired now, but do personal items for friends every now and then. I used Page Plus to layout Restaurant Placemats, Carry Out Menus, and In house menus along with pizza flyers business cards and such before retirement.  Through all those projects and years the Serif line of products never once let me down. I thank all of you for doing such a tremendously great job. 

It's been a grand relationship and I look forward to Affinity Publisher with great expectations.

Best regards,


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Welcome aboard @JacobZeba.


Which Affinity product interests you?

The website is still a work in progress. The "Comics" and "Shop" sections are not yet ready. Feel free to connect with me and let me know what you like or what can be improved. You can contact me here, on my contact page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Thanks and have a great day!

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I am Jurgen, i'm a experienced designer / web developer and now switched to affinity.

I want to thank all the developers and the whole team of affinity to create these applications! I'm really looking forward to future updates!


I purchased both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, looking forward to Affinity Publisher.



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Hi, I am an artist and designer based at Studio 5 Sweden. My reason for joining the site is my interest in Publisher.  So, any news of a release date in 2018 would be most appreciated - If there are any Beta Testing versions I would also like to take part as an evaluation. I currently use Adobe for graphics and publishing.  Cheers, Denis, Studio 5 Sweden.

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Scottish lass here. (Affinity on Windows 7). An absolute pleasure to meet the Affinity team, users and forum members.

My apologies in advance for the long post but I thought to just let it all out from the start!

I'm an artist in the traditional sense i.e. I use a real brush, messy paint and real canvas etc. I use software as a tool but am in no way a digital artist!

Some years ago I used Adobe Photoshop (CS3 at last count I think). PhotoShop is the undisputed leader in the field, but my requirements and gained knowledge didn't even touch the sides of PS's capabilities. Wasted on me to be honest. Anyway, the bloat and high cost demanded by Photoshop, especially nowadays, make it a non-contender for me.


I do some photo-editing and have always wanted to learn vector art. Over the years I tried various editors and found Serif software best for my average needs. Being a Serif customer, Affinity found me thru Serif promotions. I really liked what I saw and am now proud owner of both Photo and Designer! I was also able to purchase at a great price, the gorgeous Affinity Designer workbook (what a beautiful thing!) . From that moment I made a promise to myself - to forget about the rest and concentrate on my Affinity.

I also have an electronic cutting machine - a shape-cutting tool for making stencils, etching, engraving, embossing and more. Incredibly productive for art & crafts, scrap-booking, card-making etc - if I can make it work! ;o) (Another promise to myself!)

The good thing is that it seems Affinity Designer and the cutting machine can work together... 


In order to utilise the cutter's capabilities, vector software is a must. The software supplied with the machine is meant to design (allegedly) then send the vectorised design to the machine for cutting. But it's pretty basic, not a true design software imho. Adobe Illustrator (big and expensive) and Inkscape (highly-rated free draw/vector software) are the most popular apps for this purpose so far. (Tried Inkscape but don't really feel comfortable with it. A personal thing, nothing against the software.) However, Affinity Designer is creeping into the craft scene, so I know it must do the job! I will also contact these users for advice. I intend to create my own simple and detailed/intricate designs as stencils.
Does anyone have experience using Affinity software to prepare artwork for machine cutting (say, a stencil)? 

Some may say 'Read the book!'.  I am in the process of doing so, but with 432+ pages, some pointers would be extremely helpful coz I really don't know where to start! 


So, a huge 'thanks' in advance to those who will take the time to offer assistance: I look forward to your response.

And thanks so much for reading.

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Hi All, 

I'm Bob from the UK. I have been taking photo's for about 25 years, mainly nature shots.

I am trying out Affinity photo to see if I can change from Photoshop ... 

I have been using PS for about 10 years and fairly good at it. My only concern is the need for a GOOD cataloguing program.
I use Lightroom at the moment.

looking forward to seeing how this all works..


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Bonjour à toutes et tous, membres du forum et équipe Affinity.

Je suis Wikinger . Photographe amateur, (ce n'est as mon métier), j'ai choisi Affiniy photo pour échapper aux dents du requin Adobe.

J'aurais des milliers de questions à vous poser.

Affinity est formidable, de belles promesses.

Je suis sous Windows et m'arrache les cheveux avec les tutos pour mac mais c'est un plaisir.


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I am Guido - from Germany - but living and working since many years in Shenzhen (South China) and Hong Kong. I do take photos since a long time and have currently a Canon EOS 6D - but plan maybe to upgrade to a EOS 5 Mark IV in the near future.

I have read about Affinity Photo in the German Magazine Digitale Fotografie which even did include some brief instruction and "how to do" + a few Videos to teach. It wake my appetite and I download the trial Version which as been already upgrade.

As Lightroom also change to a Subscription Model - this is something I do not want at all as there are weeks I not use the program at all.

The videos I found here for introduction are quite useful and good - thanks to provide it. Looking forward for the Book which should come out by this year.

My profile photo - the total Sun Eclipse in North America - this one taken in Stapleton by myself.

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Hallo, Ik ben Anneke en een hobbyfotograaf. Nu wil  ik weer een nieuw fotobewerkingsprogramma leren. Dit doordat Picasa ermee is gestopt en Lightroom niet alles heeft. Na het zien van diverse tutorials viel de keuze op Affinity. Hoewel dit programma nog (hopelijk komt dat nog) niet in het Nederlands is en het voor mij daarom extra moeilijk zal maken.

Hopelijk zullen jullie mij niet al te lastig gaan vinden, want ik zal waarschijnlijk met heel veel vragen komen.

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20 hours ago, MEB said:

Hi rn1911,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Affinity Publisher should be available as a Public Beta next year.

First time I have heard about Publisher. Is this a replacement for PagePlus?

BTW, I've been a Serif customer since PagePlus 3 came out ( .... probably last century! ) and ended up buying just about every version of every product you've made (even WebPlus , which, sadly, was consistently unusable,imo, as a 'proper' web development environment).

Now I have just recently moved over to Affinity Photo (goodbye PhotoPlus) and Affinity Design ( and farewell DrawPlus) , both significant advances on their predecessors. 

I still use PagePlus 8 (didn't feel the need to upgrade to the final version)  and had been wondering if the original Serif core product would be reincarnated under the Affinity logo.

btw I haven't bought the workbooks for AP or AF , they are beyond my means since I retired from paid work but would love to own them as they look really useful, especially for AF. Are they going to be republished with the new features added since the first release? I know they must be quite expensive to produce , being pretty hefty hardbacks for a fairly niche audience, but would be welcome and I just might be tempted to save up ;)

In the meantime , love the tutorials; they have given me plenty to go on for now, and the forums are already proving invaluable!  Onwards and upwards , as they say.

[Edit] I just had another look at the workbooks and they appear to be discounted by £10 so I capitulated to desire and ordered the one for AD. Oh Joy , I do love a technical manual :17_heart_eyes: 

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Bought the workbook for AD :)
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