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Hello my name is Dimitris. I've done some photo editing with some free software, but I'm glad to have found Affinity Photo a professional tool which is affordable to my pocket.Thank you for this great software!

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Hey everyone!

Im Vlad! Im a self taught designer and im glad i found out about affinity while looking for alternatives to Illustrator. These apps are awesome and im glad to be apart of this team now!

I hope that some time in the future serif releases an animation app! then i would never have to go back!!

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Good day everyone, I'm Allen, from Manila, Philippines. I'm a Sr. Art Director / Sr. Graphic Designer by profession who has worked for various multi-national ad agencies in my country for 16+ years. I have been using Adobe Suite of Applications since it's inception but have been looking for an alternative that can ultimately replace my Adobe Suite. I couldn't much longer afford the subscription rates and Adobe hogs computer memory too, with that said, it was all but natural for me to switch to Affinity Designer.

Now I'm slowly grasping the ins and outs of Affinity Designer, thankfully it's a short learning curve for me, since I'm well versed in Illustrator already, the shortcut keys are pretty intuitive save for some that needs a little bit learning. So it's was really easy, painless switch for me when I bought a copy of Affinity Designer last month. I've already made a few magazine layout designs which I have attached below as proof of my learnings. :D;) 


Looking forward to meet more of you guys here.

Since I already have Affinity Designer, I Will buy the Affinity Photo, the next month after payday. :26_nerd:

By the end of the year, I will have the Whole Affinity Suite so that I can use the Affinity Studio Link feature. Yes!!!

Disclaimer: The Magazine Mockup was made in Adobe Photoshop, since I don't own Affinity Photo yet.

By the way, you can also follow me on instagram as AffinityDesigner_Art. It's an instagram account dedicated to my journey to discovering the wonders of Affinity Designer. Here's the link: affinity.designer.art

Cover 1.jpg


Cover 2.jpg


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Hello all.  I'm new to Affinity Photo and to the forum.  I'm a former LR user and occasionally dabbled in GIMP and PS Elements as well as tried a couple of other trial versions. So far I'm blown away by how well AP is working for me and I'm happy to find that the community seems very helpful.  Looking forward to exploring some new techniques.



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Hi all, my name is Chris from Auckland New Zealand. I've been in the industry for a long time - way before computers took over the design process.
After 20 years as a creative in Advertising, I got out and set up a small design business.
I've been using Adobe products since CS2 and bought CS6 as Adobe moved to the subscription business model.
I stuck with Windows 7 until recently - the end of support in January 2020 forced me to upgrade to Win 10.

I had been looking for an alternative to Adobe because an earlier attempt to run CS6 on Win 10 had been a disaster and cost me $500 for an IT guy to fix. I found Serif by chance on a youtube video and after a bit of research I bought Photo, Designer and Publisher - I'm hoping they will replace PSD, AI and INDD as these are the programs I use every day.

So far I've limited my training to Affinity Designer as I have a project that includes a lot of isometric illustrations. It's taking a bit of time to adjust and lose the urge to complete a task using AI methods but the more I learn, the more I like it.

Right now I'm just hungry for as many tutorials as I can find. Looking forward to incorporating the whole package into my workflow.

Cheers all


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Hello everybody.

My name is Giuseppe Improta and I am a Visual Artist living in BC, Canada.

I have worked for almost 20 years in the Computer Graphics world and I supervise lighting and lookdev in high-end VFX productions.
I am also a cinematographer and photographer.
I also have a YouTube channel for Computer Graphics and specifically for lighting for artists (LightDark Academy).

I switched recently to the Affinity suite from the Adobe world for my photography business and so far I am happy.

I hope to be able to give useful and constructive suggestions to improve these already great products and maybe help somebody else creating good stuff.


G. Improta

Edited by Giuseppe "Goose" Improta

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