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"New From Clipboard" Changes Artboard Dimensions

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I'm using Affinity Designer, and I've been trying to take an artboard from one file and use it as the starting point for another. I've tried to do this using the "New From Clipboard" menu item, and by just duplicating the original file. Both give me the same problem.

My initial artboard has dimensions in millimetres, and has a size of 376 x 586mm.

When I copy the artboard and create a new file from it, the dimensions in the new file are 1175 x 1831.3mm

If it was just a matter of resizing the artboard, it wouldn't be a big problem. But when I shrink the artboard to its original size, all of my fonts, shadows, borders etc appear much too big and I have to adjust them all manually.

Any help here would be great.

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Hi AdamColvin,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
This is due to the different DPI value on both documents. When you create a new document using the File ▸ New From Clipboard the document properties (dimensions/dpi) of the original document are NOT inherited by the new one. So after creating the new one go to File ▸ Document Setup... and change the DPI and document units to match the original one. Then switch to the Move Tool, select the artboard layer in the Layers panel, untick Lock Children in the context toolbar and enter the dimensions of the original document in the width/heigh fields in the Transform panel of the new document. This will resize both the artboard and its contents.

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